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Located in the western Maharashtra Miraj city is known as house of health ,also Miraj is a moderately urbanized town where nearly 150 engineers and architects are contributing to decorate Miraj and skirtings . The passionate engineers and architects working in the Miraj city and surrounding area have established Association of Civil Engineers & Architects Miraj in July 2017 . In the beginning of 2017 it was unanimously named as ACEA.
ACEA was officially registered as an independent organization on 4th of July by the government . Today almost 150 govt registered , well qualified engineers and architects are working with the organization. Our association works on providing the best designing solutions that are tailored to meet our clients social, environmental and economical need. With our persistence teamwork we have been successful in making a strong bond between all the engineers and architects of this region.
ACEA is not only a developing construction firm but also working for social cause and raising the standard of living of the people and community .



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ACEA will work on how the engineers and architects will join and work with the organization and a greater degree. The fresh and novel aspirants in the field of engineering and architect and those who wish to voluntarily serve the humanity will be encouraged and motivated by the association for their improvement and betterment . every individual member will have the scope to improve their working skills, practical hand & technical knowledge , sticking to this purpose the association will take greater steps . the self-confidence of each and every member in the association is the best way to tackle any problem as the organization tries to built in in every member .



The existence of any organization is not complete without a strong and genuine motive . The engineers and architects who practice their work as business profession are helped on how to improve the quality and standards of their work by our association . Every construction and related social aid work is carried out as per rules and regulations of mahanagarpalika . The quality of the construction is taken under consideration of the IS code increasing the practical and technical knowledge of the engineers and architects and making their work superior is utmost important for the association. Fusing the work of construction and social aid is the main moto of the association and care will be taken that the same moto is carried out in the future.